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And the Sports Illustrated’s No. 1 mascot is…

Several years ago the all sports all-the-time network ESPN ranked the Syrupmaker nickname as the most unique mascot in the nation. Now the most respected name in sports journalism, Sports Illustrated, has recognized our Syrupmakers as well, naming them number one in the nation among unique high school nicknames.
The story was released this week on the magazine’s website and touts the Syrupmakers as the best. The article by SI reporter Andy Staples says, “For generations, schools have chosen generic nicknames like Wildcats and Rams, but now it’s time to reward the 15 high schools that stepped outside the box for mascots, from Peglegs to Poets and Nimrods to Syrupmakers, these nicknames take the cake.”
In naming the Syrupmakers number one, the writer said, ” The name of this tiny south Georgia town is pronounced like the syrup, not like Egypt’s capital. But contrary to popular belief, Karo syrup is not produced in Cairo. The old syrup plant used to churn out Roddenbery’s. Now, the Syrupmakers just churn out championship football teams. This month, Cairo will begin its defense of the 2008 Class AAA state title.”
And now, according to Sports Illustrated, here are the teams that made the coveted list:
1. Cairo Syrupmakers, Cairo, Ga.
2. Glenville Tarblooders, Cleveland, Ohio
3. Lakeland Dreadnaughts, Lakeland, Fla.
4. Cary Imps, Cary, N.C.
5. Poca Dots, Poca, W.Va.
6. Johnson Atom Smashers, Savannah, Ga.
7. Watersmeet Nimrods, Watersmeet, Mich.
8. Longbeach Poly Jackrabbits, Long Beach, Calif.
9. Staples Wreckers, Westport, Conn.
10. Punahou School Buffanblu, Hawaii
11. Lloyd Memorial Juggernauts, Erlanger, Ky.
12. Don Bosco Prep Ironmen, Ramsey, N.J.
13. Dunbar Poets, Baltimore, Md.
14. Colorado Rocky Mtn. School Oysters
15. Stuyvesant Peglegs, New York

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