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Sunday alcohol sales could be on city ballot this fall

City of Cairo officials say they have been approached by local restaurant owners interested in being able to sell alcoholic beverages by the drink on Sundays, and on Monday night the city council appeared open to putting the question before city voters this November. Councilman Jerry Cox said he had been approached by two local…

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More likely than not, tax bills will not be mailed until November

It appears more likely than not that Grady County commissioners will seek to delay the mailing of tax bills until approximately Nov. 20 this year, a month later than usual. Grady County administrator J.C. (Buddy) Johnson III, has been meeting with commissioners one-on-one and in small groups this week to discuss financial issues regarding the…

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Grady EMC board votes to raise rates

Members of Grady EMC can expect to pay a little more for their monthly utility bills beginning next month. The Grady EMC Board of Directors recently approved what they say is the first rate increase since 1992 and beginning Aug. 1, monthly bills will be redesigned and will break out the monthly charges for kWh…

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