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School board hears athletic report

Cairo High School Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Carlton Gainous gave a first-ever athletic program update to the board of education Tuesday night, including a glimpse into the budget of the athletic program.
“We realize these are tough economic times, but we will continue to do our very best job for our student athletes. I’m confident of that,” Gainous said.
The school system athletic director gave an overview of the various sports programs and the school personnel involved in coaching the various sports.
“All of the coaches we have also have secondary responsibilities,” Gainous said.
According to Gainous, the school system depends on coaches, who are both paid and volunteer their services.
Those involved in coaching sports during 2007-2008 included: Football – Tom Fallaw, Greg Boyce, Scott Roberts, Tommy York, Jason Whitaker, Kevin Elliott, Jeff Littleton, Brian Hill, Steve Dill, Elliott Walker and Isiah Chance; Cross Country – Lucy Baker; Softball – Amy Hagan, Becky Bracewell, Ron Best, Christ Buckhalter; Basketball – Lucy Baker, Melissa McClendon, Shirley Felder, Marier Thornton, Amy Hagan, Marquelle Corker, Isiah Chance, Stacey Masten, and Kevin Corker; Wrestling – Kevin Elliott, Steve Dill, and Greg Boyce; Swimming – Jeff Brown; Baseball – Ron Best, Chris Buckhalter, and Lucas Turner; Golf – Brian Hill and Jeff Littleton; Gymnastics – Margo Evans; Soccer – Darrell Brinkley and Barbara Godwin; Tennis- Lara Duncan; Track – Arthur Anderson, Jr.
The athletic director said that the budget for the athletic program is driven by the revenues generated by the football program.
“Some years we have more to spend than in others. The last couple of years we have been fortunate and practically every need has been met,” Gainous said.
He was quick to point out, however, that the athletic program would not be possible without the financial support of booster clubs and parent support groups.
Gainous presented the board with a very general budget of expenditures for the athletic program from  2007-2008.
According to his figures, $220,104.22 was spent on the various athletic programs with proceeds generated by the sale of season football tickets and gate proceeds from football games.
Board member Joe Porter asked Gainous if the amount the athletic department spent in 2007-2008 equaled the total football revenue and Gainous replied “pretty much.”
The athletic director indicated that the athletic department does not spend more than it takes in and in other years the revenues are less.
Porter asked if any of those expenditures are fixed cost and Gainous said the cost of referees would be a fixed cost, but no other came to mind.
According to Gainous, an average budget for the athletic department, based on 10 football games,  is approximately $109,000.
However, he said it takes approximately $130,000 annually to operate the program.
In Gainous’ report to the board Tuesday night from 2007-2008 the following expenditures were outlined: football – $118,380.54; track – $2,799.39; soccer – $21,329.95; basketball – $37,177.33; softball – $17,875.36; baseball – $10,201.19; tennis- $3,511.82; swimming – $5,042.50; golf – $2,685.14; and cross country – $1,101.00 for a grand total of $220,104.22.
No breakdown of revenues or expenses was provided in the budget report issued to the board Tuesday.
Grady County School Superintendent Dr. Tommy Pharis says that the school system’s investment into the athletic department includes supplements for coaches, fuel for travel to out-of-town competitions and $5,000 for field maintenance.
“We do not fund the purchase of equipment, uniforms, etc,” Dr. Pharis said. He also noted that the athletic program also pays for the cost of bus drivers who transport the various teams to out-of-town sporting events.
The superintendent thanked Gainous for this first-ever report and said that the athletic director would be making another report later this year.
“We want for the board to hear an update on where we are going at least twice a year,” Dr. Pharis said.

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