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COVID-19 numbers remain low here

An additional
local death
is reported
The number of new cases of COVID-19 affecting Grady County residents remains low for a fifth week, with only three confirmed by public health officials in the last seven days. We did record another death of a Grady County resident from the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, bringing our official total to 46, according to information from the Georgia Public Health Department.
Neighboring counties are experiencing a similar level of activity with neither Thomas, Decatur nor Mitchell counties recording a new death in the last week. All three counties had less than 10 new cases during that time period, Thomas, nine, Decatur and Mitchell each with seven.
There were only two patients hospitalized with COVID-19 in Archbold Medical Center hospitals as of Tuesday, and both were at the hospital in Thomasville. Grady General Hospital did not have a positive patient Tuesday, according to Shealy Register, spokeswoman for Archbold.
Grady County Schools are out on spring break this week, so no data was available to report regarding local students and educators.

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