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Uptick in COVID cases in local schools is recorded

There were 18 new positive cases of Grady County residents in the last seven days, that’s one less than what we had the previous week.
Grady General Hospital was down to just one covid-positive patient Tuesday, compared to three last week, and Archbold Memorial Hospital has cut in the half the number of such patients this week to six, according to Shealy Register, hospital spokeswoman.
Grady County Schools has seen an uptick in the number of positive and quarantined students and employees, according to Dr. Kermit Gilliard, school superintendent.
As of Tuesday, there were 150 students on quarantine and 12 positive for the disease. Last Tuesday there were 89 students on quarantine and four positive.
This week there are 20 employees on quarantine and four positive compared to last week when there were 10 on quarantine and two positive.
Broken down by school, Cairo High School has the highest numbers all around with 77 students and nine employees on quarantine with six students and two employees reporting positive.
Shiver School had 19 students and five employees on quarantine as of Tuesday with one student and one employee positive.
Southside Elementary School had 21 students and five employees on quarantine with two students reporting as positive.
Whigham School had 21 students and one employee on quarantine and two positive students.
Eastside Elementary School had eight students on quarantine and one positive student.
Washington Middle School had three students on quarantine and one positive employee.
Northside Elementary School had one student on quarantine.
Overall, compared to surrounding counties, Grady remains lower in the number of deaths caused by COVID-19. Thomas County lost 10 residents to the disease in the last seven days, while Mitchell and Decatur counties had two deaths. Leon and Gadsden counties in Florida had 13 and three deaths, respectively.

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