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Mayor Thrower asks question of Dr. Deborah Birx

Howard Thrower, III

Could Cairo or Grady County be identified as a testing site for a COVID-19 vaccine?

That is a question Cairo Mayor Howard Thrower III, was able to pitch to Dr. Deborah Birx of the White House Coronavirus Task Force on Tuesday morning.
Mayor Thrower routinely takes part in a COVID-19 update conference call held each week that is sponsored and coordinated by the Georgia Municipal Association.
Questions are solicited each week and Mayor Thrower submitted his question concerning Stage 3 testing of vaccines.
“I asked if a small geographical defined community such as Cairo or Grady County could be identified as a testing site for such a vaccine. I said we would have quick and easily measurable results. She said that is a great question and idea and she is to take the concept to Dr. (Anthony) Fauci today,” Mayor Thrower said Tuesday.
According to the mayor, a person can volunteer through two websites to participate in a State 3 test, but it may not be a possibility for residents of Cairo to travel to a testing center.
The mayor said he will update The Messenger if and when he receives an answer to his question.

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