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Truck loaded with calendars involved in multi-vehicle crash

A freight truck transporting The Cairo Messenger’s 2020 Community Calendars from a publishing house in Ringgold, Ga. was involved in a multi-vehicle crash on Dec. 19, and much of the shipment was damaged and had to be reprinted. So, no calendars were inserted in this Christmas edition of the newspaper as had been planned.
“Unfortunately, at this time of year, freight companies are already stretched to the limit, and I had concerns about the calendars arriving in time to be inserted in our Christmas edition since our print deadline was moved up three days, but we had hoped they would make it. When I learned of the crash last week, my heart dropped. Thankfully, there was no loss of life that I am aware of, but, of course, our calendars were a casualty. Please accept my personal apology and look for your calendar in the New Year’s edition next week,” said Messenger Editor and Publisher Randolph H. Wind.

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