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Whigham principal among staff members retiring this year

A large slate of educators are retiring from Grady County Schools at the end of this school year, including a principal, a school psychologist and many longtime teachers.
Whigham School Principal Mark Willis has announced his intentions of retiring along with longtime psychologist for Grady County Schools, Susan Zipperer, plus seven teachers and three paraprofessionals.
“We’re losing a lot of experience,” commented John White, a member of the Grady County Board of Education, during the board’s regularly scheduled board meeting Tuesday.
Board Chairman Jeff Worsham replied, “Just a few years ago we lost a lot more but we’re still going strong, and I know we’ll continue.”
Grady County Superintendent Dr. Kermit Gilliard told the board he would make teacher and administrative recommendations to the board at their March meeting. “We won’t get left behind. We’ll have a chance to make good hires,” Dr. Gilliard said.
The board accepted the retirements of: Lisa Daniels, teacher at Whigham; Katherine Hill, health care science teacher at Cairo High School; Rosa Langmaid, business education teacher at CHS; Cecilia Lee, teacher at Whigham; Brenda Miller, parapro at Whigham; Don Mobley, teacher at Washington Middle School; Jacqueline Roach, teacher at Eastside Elementary School; Iris Robertson, parapro at WMS; David Strickland, Georgia Young Farmer teacher at CHS; Kathy Taylor, parapro at Shiver School; Mark Willis, principal at Whigham; and Susan Zipperer, school psychologist.
The board also approved the hirings: Jailene Reyes, special ed paraprofessional at Southside Elementary School; Darius Walden, head custodian at Southside; Iris Loudermilk, food service assistant at Southside; Alma Duncan, food service assistant at Southside; Rhonda Dinkins, food service assistant at Eastside; Belinda Wilson, special ed parapro at Whigham; and Donald Thomas, school resource officer at Shiver.
The board accepted the following resignations: Sheila Jones, head custodian at Southside; Berlinda Gray Smith, bus driver; and Victoria Hollingsworth, special ed parapro at Whigham.
The following termination was approved: Kevin Corker, parapro at Shiver.
The board approved multiple field trips for the month of February including travel for academic rewards, academic competitions, fine arts, special education activities, NJROTC, sports and agriculture competitions, and fund raisers for activities at Shiver School, CHS choral program, Eastside’s student council, Whigham School activities, and WMS Drama Club.

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