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GBI is investigating former county clerk

Georgia Bureau of Investigation Special Agent in Charge Jamy Steinberg confirmed this week that South Georgia Judicial Circuit District Attorney Joe Mulholland has requested the GBI conduct an investigation of former Grady County Clerk Carrie Croy.
“We have begun the investigation. There is no set timeline. Our agents work multiple investigations in multiple counties at any given time. Many factors influence when a case is completed,” Agent Steinberg said.
He added, “We work with the staff we have to complete our investigations in as timely a manner as possible while ensuring a thorough investigation is conducted.”
Mulholland told The Messenger on Nov. 13 that after reviewing information provided to him by Grady County auditor Perry Henry he was ordering an investigation into alleged misappropriation of funds by Croy.
The district attorney first met with the county’s auditor on Oct. 30 and Henry submitted the findings of his internal audit involving Croy.
Croy resigned, effective immediately, on Tuesday, Oct. 23 after being confronted with the findings of Henry’s internal audit, according to county officials.
Based on those findings, the former county clerk manipulated the county’s payroll and finance software in order to “increase the net value of her personal paychecks.”
Croy’s alleged manipulations of her own paycheck cost Grady County taxpayers approximately $5,000, according to Buddy (J. C.) Johnson III, Grady County manager.
The auditor also found additional evidence that has not been released publicly but was presented to the district attorney.
Croy was placed on administrative leave with pay on Oct. 3 by the county administrator pending the completion of the auditor’s review.
She had served as the Grady County clerk since July 2008. She began her career in public service in January 2002 when she was hired as the county’s human resources manager and records manager. 

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