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County approves patch work on Open Pond Rd.

The Grady County Commission last week unanimously approved a project to patch Open Pond Road in hopes of making it safer for motorists until funding is available for a more permanent rehabilitation of the county road.
According to Grady County Administrator J.C. (Buddy) Johnson III, the county’s consulting engineer, Stacy Watkins, and officials with The Scruggs Company met and developed a proposal to patch the worst sections of Open Pond Road, which are nearly impassable.
Johnson said that it is a “great deal” but he also noted this is not a permanent fix.
The administrator estimates the repair will make the road safer for travel for two to three years.
“Are they guaranteeing that?” Commissioner June Knight asked.
Johnson said there are no guarantees, but he said that log trucks are no longer hauling logs from the Tired Creek Lake property any more, which is credited for the extensive damage to the road.
Mobilization will take time, but the actual work will be completed in approximately one day, according to Johnson.
Commissioner Knight offered a motion to accept the $63,164.91 estimate from Scruggs and Commissioner Keith Moye seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.
Vice Chairman T.D. David, who has been ill, listened in on the meeting via telephone, but was not present last Tuesday night.

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