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Watching expenses like a hawk, Broome says teachers will get paid two weeks early

Grady County School System employees will be paid this Friday before the week-long Thanksgiving break, but Finance Officer Dan Broome told the school board Tuesday night he is having to watch every dollar.
“It’s going to be very tight,” Broome said as the board prepares to make payroll while not having received its state funding for the month. A delay in receiving federal funding is also complicating the school system’s finances, according to School Superintendent Dr. Kermit Gilliard.
The 2018 taxes are beginning to be collected and are buffering the school system’s bank account. According to Broome, Grady County Tax Commissioner Barbara Darus has already disbursed approximately $380,000 to the school system and another check is expected shortly.
“We are watching every dollar, and I think we will make it. If something should come up, I will let you know,” Broome said.

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