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Tax Commissioner Darus mails out nearly 14,000 tax bill to local taxpayers

Grady County Tax Commissioner Barbara Darus reports that 13,978 tax notices were mailed last week and those bills began to appear in local mailboxes earlier this week.
Taxes are due without interest and penalty if paid on or before Dec. 20.
As of Tuesday afternoon, the tax commissioner reported her office had already collected just over $100,000.
An examination of the top 25 taxpayers in the county shows some shifts in rankings when compared to 2017. Two new additions to the list are Deerwood LLC and Jay P. Evans Furniture.
Rosemary LLC jumped from 16th last year to 6th this year and AT&T Mobility LLC jumped from 22nd to 13th. Woodhaven Industries dropped from 17th last year to 22nd this year and FWI 39 LLC dropped from 14th to 24th this year.
The combined appraised value of the top 25 taxpayers in 2018 is $196,997,793.82 and the combined assessed value is $79,395.883.00.
The top 25 taxpayers will pay a total of $1,906,890.42 in ad valorem taxes this year.

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