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County delays action on air quality testing at Agri-Center

Officials with the United States Department of Agriculture office here have filed a complaint with the Grady County Commission as a result of health concerns of the personnel housed in the newly renovated suite of offices at the Grady County Agri-Center.
USDA officials have requested the county conduct air quality testing to determine if the facility has possible mold or other issues that might impact air quality.
Grady County Code Enforcement Officer Brian Harrison, who oversees the county’s building and grounds department, obtained a quote from Air Purification Specialist of Pavo. The cost of the requested inspection would be $2,150.
Grady County Administrator J.C.(Buddy) Johnson III, told the county commission Tuesday his recommendation would be to table the request at this time. The administrator said additional discussion and time to obtain additional information was necessary before he would recommend spending county funds for the air quality testing.
“I can’t justify it on what we’ve received, so far. From my understanding it is one person with one issue,” the administrator said.
Commissioner LaFaye Copeland said that USDA officials had reached out to her since the renovation was complete and expressed concerns with possible mold or mildew. “I think Brian has previously been out there and checked it all out,” Copeland said.
According to the county administrator, Harrison did respond and he concurs with Johnson that additional information is needed before he could recommend conducting the test.
Grady County Commission Chairman Ray Prince said that the duct work at the Agri-Center is all new and that anytime there is a renovation dust will be knocked up, but he predicted any issues would be resolved after things “settle down.”
Commissioner Copeland reminded her fellow commissioners that USDA is a valued tenant at the Agri-Center and their agreement to pay higher rent had funded the building renovations. “We need to make sure they are happy,” she said.
On a motion by Commissioner Keith Moye and a second from Commissioner June Knight, the board voted 4-0 to table the request.
In other business Tuesday, the board:
Heard a request for a correction to the minutes of a recent called meeting from Commissioner Copeland. Commissioner Copeland was absent from the Sept. 14 called meeting and based on the minutes a $250 a week stipend was to be paid to someone until a new finance director is hired, but the minutes did not reflect who was to be paid the stipend. Copeland asked if County Clerk Carrie Croy was the recipient of the stipend and she asked if the $250 was per week or per pay period.
Mrs. Croy explained that she previously had been paid a stipend of $500 per week while serving as interim administrator. Former accounting manager Donna Johnson was also paid a $500 per week stipend as the co-interim administrator. Commissioner Copeland said she had thought it was $500 per every two week pay period and not $500 per week, but Mrs. Croy said the board’s action was for a weekly stipend.
Administrator Johnson deferred to Chairman Prince when Copeland asked if the $250 stipend was weekly or per pay period and Prince said it was weekly.
“We need to correct the minutes so if we ever have to refer to them there will be a record of who we are paying,” Commissioner Copeland said.
The board voted unanimously to approve the minutes with the noted correction.

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