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Whigham council issues 90-day notice for cemetery clean-up

The Whigham mayor and council are giving owners and caretakers of cemetery lots in the city’s two cemeteries a 90-day notice to comply with all restrictions stated in cemetery lot deeds and in the Whigham Code of Ordinances.
Whigham Mayor George Trulock says unkempt cemetery lots are primarily a problem in the old City Cemetery located behind the Whigham Baptist Church, but there are also issues with lots in the newer Woodlawn Cemetery.
“Relatives of the deceased have either died or moved away and there is no one left to care for the lots of their loved ones. There is no one to cut the grass, trim hedges or pull up trees that sprout up. Or, there are relatives who have forgotten they have relatives in the cemetery,” the mayor said.
According to Mayor Trulock, city forces got behind on mowing due to recent rains and he began to receive complaints about the upkeep of the city’s cemeteries. After closer inspection, the mayor says that there have been plantings in the cemetery that are not permitted.
“I informed the council recently that we should give the public notice to come in and clean up the lots and after 90 days, if they haven’t, the city will,” Mayor Trulock said.
City officials say the grace period will allow the public to go in and remove the overgrowth and clean up the lots of their loved ones before the city crews go in and do an overall cleanup of the cemeteries, which is permitted under the city code.
“I’m sure I will catch some grief, but so be it,” the mayor said.
For more information contact Whigham City Hall at 229-762-4215.

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