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Tax Assessors mailing out assessment notices June 13

Grady County property owners should be on the lookout for assessment notices being mailed Wednesday by the Grady County Board of Tax Assessors.
The annual assessments are not a tax bill, but are notices of the current taxable value of one’s property, according to the Grady County Board of Tax Assessors. The 2018 taxes that local property owners will be responsible to pay in December will be based on the values set by the Board of Tax Assessors.
The notices being mailed will reflect any increase, decrease or no change in value. Once the notices are mailed, taxpayers will have 45 days in which to appeal the value.
Grady County School System Finance Office Dan Broome said it would likely be the end of July before the county’s tax digest would be completed. School officials will look to huddle late next month to conclude their budget preparations for the new fiscal year, which begins July 1.
The Grady County Board of Commissioners, and Cairo and Whigham city councils will also be awaiting the delivery of the tax digest in order to determine the millage rate required to fund their respective budgets when applied to the tax digest.

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