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Gilliard identifies funding to address flooring issues at three schools

Some local school buildings will soon have some new flooring finishes as a result of a little “horse trading” by Dr. Kermit Gilliard.
The Grady County school superintendent outlined his recommendations to the Grady County Board of Education Tuesday night.
Some cracking of new, polished concrete floors inside the new administrative building and media center at Southside Elementary School resulted in the superintendent withholding payment of approximately $12,000 to the contractor on the Southside construction project.
Dr. Gilliard said he is planning to put that $12,000 with other local funding to install 1,800 square feet of an epoxy flooring system in the entryway and hallway of the Southside administrative building.
The floors of the gyms at both Southside and Eastside will also have a new epoxy system installed with the basketball court lines inlayed and logos of the schools placed in the center of the court.
All Phase CPI Inc., of Bronson, Fla. has submitted a proposal to do the work at a cost of $37,738.50.
School officials were also not satisfied with the flooring at the new College & Career Center at Cairo High School, where some portions appear faded. According to Dr. Gilliard, $50,000 has been withheld from the contractor on that project rather than make costly repairs to the blemished floor.
On Tuesday night, the superintendent recommended the board invest a portion of those funds in installation of an epoxy flooring system in the CHS cafeteria in the school colors of red and black combined with gray to replace the blue, burgundy and white motif of the facility.
Dr. Gilliard said that one of former superintendent Lee Bailey’s dislikes was the decor of the CHS cafeteria and on many occasions the late superintendent expressed his desire to redecorate it in the school colors rather than in blues and burgundies.
The total cost from All Phase CPI Inc., is $28,750, which will come out of the $50,000 withheld on the College & Career Center flooring. Additional money from the flooring credit will be used to repaint the interior of the cafeteria.

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