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Moye and Copeland seek to know more about lake financing options

If refinancing the county’s debt on Tired Creek Lake could extend the bond payments and reduce the need for a large tax increase this fall, some Grady County commissioners would like to learn more about their options.
Last year, Clifford C. (Bucky) Kimsey III, of Raymond James & Associates told county leaders the county’s debt could be refinanced and at that time savings of $600,000 in interest was possible.
On Tuesday, Grady County Commissioner Keith Moye questioned why the board had not pursued refinancing the debt to extend out the debt service payments. Commissioner LaFaye Copeland expressed interest in talking with Kimsey and learning more about what options were available to the county.
“If it would help us from having to raise taxes as much, I think we should look into it,” Moye said and Commissioner Copeland added, “Yes, let’s do that.”
In related news, as of Tuesday at noon, 1,444 lake permits had been issued to Grady County residents and over $2,100 had been collected in out-of-county lake permit fees since the lake opened May 25.
Commissioner Copeland said she had received complaints about fishing being prohibited from the docks, but the other commissioners noted that the banks are open for fishing as well as the fishing jetty, but that the docks should be reserved for those putting in and taking out boats.

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