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Mayor pushes for office and key to City Hall in social media video

Last Thursday afternoon, Cairo Mayor Booker Gainor took his campaign for an office in City Hall to social media and posted a video that attracted a lot of attention.
Cairo City Manager Chris Addleton has told the mayor he is welcome to use any of the vacant offices at City Hall, but he has not agreed to provide the mayor a key to access City Hall after hours. According to the city manager, the majority of the council was not in favor of the mayor being provided a key to City Hall.
Mayor Gainor said he brought the subject back up after learning last week that a contractor with the city who has an office on the second floor of City Hall has a key to the building. Gainor had originally made the request for an office at City Hall in March.
The issue of an office for the mayor was brought up by two local residents at Tuesday night’s rescheduled council meeting.
Sondra Jones and Wilbert Young were recognized by the mayor near the end of Tuesday’s meeting and they both had questions regarding the mayor’s request for an office and after-hours access to City Hall.
Jones said she had been a resident here for 43 years and she was “very disappointed” upon hearing a contractor was provided a key to City Hall but the city’s mayor was not.
Mayor Gainor said that his work schedule out-of-town prevents him from being able to go by City Hall during the business day to sign documents. According to the mayor, a contract for an airport project was delayed for more than a week because his schedule did not permit him to stop by City Hall during business hours to execute the contracts.
Jones said it was concerning to her that a contractor was allowed to have a key but not the mayor. “I’m clueless ma’am,” the mayor responded.
Jones said it was an “embarrassment” and pledged to continue to “fight for what is right.”
Williams asked similar questions and even offered up to $5,000 personally to outfit an office for the mayor, if necessary.
The comments from the two citizens prompted Councilman Demario Byrden to voiced his support for the mayor’s demands. He said that he and the mayor had met with people at local restaurants, but said how serious would a potential new employer take the mayor when they had to meet in restaurants rather than in an office at City Hall.
Mayor Gainor told the audience that the other members of the council did not have to respond to the questions raised unless they wanted to and no councilmen offered comment.
Councilman James H. (Jimmy) Douglas then moved to go into closed session to discuss personnel and to discuss a legal matter with City Attorney Thomas L. Lehman.
The council met behind closed doors for just over 50 minutes before reopening the meeting to the public and then voting to adjourn.

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