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Be on lookout for bogus bills here

The Cairo Police Department is warning local businesses to be on the lookout for counterfeit money. In the last week, four counterfeit $100 bills have been found in Cairo and reported to police.
Two of the bills were used at different Cairo businesses, and two others were found on the ground in the parking lots of two other businesses, according to police.
“No arrest has been made in these cases, and although all of the counterfeit money is identical, at this time it does not appear to be the work of one person or an organized group,” states Giovannie Santos, investigator with the Cairo Police Department.
A convenience store clerk was the first to have contact with the bogus money when he accepted it without realizing it was fake on April 24, police report. After it was discovered to be counterfeit, the clerk approached the customer the next time he came to the store and asked him to pay back the $100. The customer left and had not returned as of Monday, according to police.
A fast food restaurant reported that a customer attempted to buy food with an identical fake bill on April 25. The customer told police a Thomasville man had paid him $500 one week prior but he did not realize he had received counterfeit currency until he tried to use it at the restaurant.
Police describe the money as having the same serial # XF27258137G, and “Chinese style” printing in pink ink on both sides of the bill along with double dashes across the corner of the bill on both sides.
“The public is asked to remain vigilant and report if they come in contact with these types of bills,” Santos says.
Anyone with information about the counterfeit money should call 911 or the Cairo Police at (229)378-3096.

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