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Zebulon celebrates birthday with 25 cent tickets

The Zebulon Theater in downtown Cairo is celebrating its 82nd birthday this weekend with 25 cent tickets to see “Miss Pacific Fleet”, which was the first movie shown at the theater when it opened in April 1936.
Included in the price of admission is a small popcorn and cola.
Show times are Friday night at 7 p.m.; Saturday at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.; and then Sunday at 2 p.m.
“Miss Pacific Fleet” is a 1935 American comedy film directed by Ray Enright. The film stars Joan Blondell, Glenda Farrell, and Hugh Herbert.
Gloria Fay (Joan Blondell) and Mae O’Brien (Glenda Farrell) are two former showgirls working in an amusement park. Sailor Kewpie Wiggins (Allen Jenkins) is in love with Gloria, when he wins all their prizes with his skill at tossing rings, he learns that Gloria and Mae are broke. Kewpie suggests that Gloria enter the Miss Pacific Fleet contest to win the cash prize. Kewpie then offers to enter a boxing match in order to win 5000 votes for Gloria. He introduces Gloria and Mae to his friend Sgt. Tom Foster (Warren Hull). Tom and Gloria fall in love.
During the boxing match, Kewpie is losing the match until he sees that Gloria and Tom are cuddling together in the audience. Angered, he knocks out his opponent and decides to give his 5000 votes to another contestant, Virgie Matthews (Marie Wilson). However, Gloria is still slightly ahead in the contest. Sadie Freytag (Minna Gombell) who is married to August Freytag, the creator of the beauty contest is jealous of Gloria and decides to kidnap her so the prize will go to someone else instead. When Mae learns of her plans, she alerts Kewpie, who spots the kidnappers putting a woman in a small boat. Kewpie chases them to a ship where he frees the woman who ends up being Sadie. At the last minute, Tom and Gloria arrive at contest headquarters with enough votes for her to win the contest. Gloria and Mae now have enough money to return home to New York.
Birthday cake and other snacks will be served plus some 1930s and 1940s memorabilia will be on display.
For more information, call the theater at 229-377-3302.

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