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Girl’s 15th b-day party at Agri-Center turns into drinking party

Law enforcement was called to a 15-year-old girl’s birthday party at the Grady County Agri-Center Saturday night after a large fight was reported, but when officers arrived they say they found alcohol on the premises and intoxicated juveniles.
Three adults and three juveniles were arrested after officers reported seeing beer at the party and administered breath tests to three 15-year-olds who tested positive for alcohol.
When officers first arrived at 11:23 p.m., they looked for a fight in the large crowd. Cairo Police Officer Chris Sapp ordered three juveniles to stop, but they continued walking, according to the report. Although the male juvenile had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, he and two girls walking with him denied drinking alcohol, police state. Sgt. Jacob Bush of the Grady County Sheriff’s Office tested the juveniles, all 15, and each tested positive for alcohol on his or her breath and was arrested.
The teenaged girls were taken to the Cairo Police Department in handcuffs and released to the custody of their parents. The male juvenile was taken to the Grady County Sheriff’s Office and turned over to the custody of his father.
The aunt and uncle throwing the quinceañera birthday party for their niece who turned 15, were arrested when they admitted to knowing alcohol was at the party. The woman said she knew that went against the contract, but said it was not a problem the last time they rented the space. The aunt and uncle were arrested on a charge of providing alcoholic beverages to minors. A woman allegedly serving beer to minors was also arrested. All three were taken away from the scene in handcuffs to the Cairo Police Department where citations were issued and they were released.
Police report seeing open and unopened beer bottles at the party in addition to a keg.
Grady County commissioners recently took action to clamp down on those who rent the county facility and abuse county property.
Grady County Commission Vice Chairman T.D. David said this week that the board of commissioners will be strengthening the wording in the lease agreement regarding the alcohol restriction.
“That’s pretty brazen and without regard to the rules to have a beer keg party. Needless to say, the county will lease a facility to those involved. It’s a shame for people to abuse such a privilege,” Vice Chairman David said.

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