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Local residents express concerns about road conditions

Local residents continue to voice complaints about the condition of Open Pond Road and Old 179 North to members of the Grady County Commission.
County commissioners heard from Karis Mills, a resident of Old 179 North, and Heather Brinkley, a resident of Spring Hill Road, Tuesday night.
Mills said that Old 179 North, in its current condition, is “not a safe road.” She also said that she was experiencing a soil erosion problem in front of her home due to the condition of the road.
Mills also said the patch work the county road department is doing on Open Pond Road is insufficient.
“It’s just a matter of time before someone gets hurt. Especially when its raining, dark or foggy. I don’t think it’s safe,” Ms. Mills said.
Ms. Brinkley said she had to take her car to the shop Tuesday and learned that her tire was losing air due to a sharp piece of asphalt. She said that the material used by the county to repair the road can fly up and hit your vehicle.
Grady County Commission Chairman Ray Prince assured the two women the county was continuing to work on Old 179 and when that project is ready to be put out for bid the county hoped to also include Open Pond Road. The commission chairman said it would be more economical for a contractor to pave both roads at once rather than at separate times.
The board also approved the purchase of 100 tons of granite rock to be mixed with the existing road surface to create a more durable repair to potholes in Open Pond Road.
Chairman Prince said the county road department was going to try a different approach to road repairs on Open Pond Road in hopes of providing a better road surface until the road can be completely resurfaced.
The county accepted the bid of $32.50 per ton from Southern Contractors for the purchase of the granite rock. According to Grady County Clerk Carrie Croy, the purchase will be covered with state maintenance dollars.

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