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Pollock encourages board to consider additional courthouse security

Grady County Chief Magistrate Pat Pollock on Tuesday night recommended the Grady County Commission consider additional security measures at the county courthouse.
Urging commissioners to be proactive rather than reactive, Pollock suggested tighter security was needed.
“A lot of people coming to or leaving this courthouse are not happy,” Pollock said. He also noted that very few men work in the courthouse on a daily basis and security issues have been a concern for the ladies who do work there each day.
“We need to address it before something happens,” Pollock said.
The chief magistrate said that courthouses in surrounding counties, both larger and smaller than Grady, have security at the entrances to the courthouse.
“I’m not trying to stir up a hornet’s nest, but I believe it is something to consider,” Pollock said.
Commission Chairman Ray Prince thanked Pollock for his comments and said it was an issue the board would look into further.

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