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Bainbridge fan arrested for disorderly conduct Friday night

Cairo Police arrested a fan of Bainbridge High School during the football game against Cairo High School Friday night after the fan allegedly refused to follow a police order.
Held at Cairo’s West Thomas Stadium, the game attracted a large number of fans for both teams. Seats in the north end zone, though, included fans for both teams.
When Bainbridge fans tried to purchase concessions from the home side concession stand, issues arose, according to Cairo Police, so officers and CHS officials began redirecting Bainbridge fans to the visitor’s side concession stand. Most complied without issue until a 25-year-old Bainbridge man told Cairo Police Officer Michael Logue that he wanted to wait with his cousin.
Logue and Cairo Police Sgt. Tyron Griffin reportedly told the man to wait in the stands, but later saw him trying to sneak into the Cairo area. Logue then told the man he had to leave the stadium, but he refused to go so Logue placed him under arrest for obstruction.
While walking with Logue to the police car, the man “kept trying to stop and talk to bystanders,” Logue writes in his report. At the police car, the man allegedly refused to get in the back seat.
When a school official with Bainbridge High, who the suspect identified as his uncle, arrived at the scene, the officer said he would release the man if the uncle agreed to escort him out of the stadium.
However, when Logue began to remove the handcuffs, the suspect pled with his uncle that he shouldn’t have to leave. Officer Logue decided then “there was no reasoning with” the suspect and left him in custody.
An officer took the man to the Cairo Police Department where he was charged under the Cairo City Ordinance with disorderly conduct.
Soon after, women identifying themselves as the mother and grandmother of the suspect asked Officer Logue where he was. Although Logue reports that he explained the situation multiple times, the women became loud and argumentative. The women were told to leave, and had to be escorted away by an officer of the Board of Education in Decatur County.

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