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Police investigated multiple shoplifting incidents Monday night at Cairo Walmart store

Cairo Police were kept busy at one local business Monday night where several shoplifting cases were reported within a span of about two hours.
In all, four suspects were arrested for allegedly trying to steal merchandise from Wal-Mart. Police charged three male teenagers and one 54-year-old man.
The first shoplifting was reported shortly before 7 p.m. Monday when Cairo Police charged an 18-year-old male from Cairo with shoplifting. Store officials originally reported that the suspect had stolen a watch, but the reporting police officer states that as the suspect was giving his property to his mother, a second stolen item was allegedly discovered in his possession, a cell phone charging cord. The teen was transported to the Cairo Police Department for processing and then to Grady Detention Center.
At 8:29 p.m., a second shoplifting was reported when store officials said they saw a 54-year-old Cairo man take a compass out of its packaging and then place it in his pocket. He was transported to the Cairo Police Department to process the charge.
At 9:01 p.m., Cairo Police Officer Chris Sapp was met at the retailer’s front door by two store officials and an 18-year-old shoplifting suspect from Thomasville. Officer Sapp states that when he asked the suspect to walk inside the store to “sort out the situation” the suspect became “agitated and belligerent.” The officer says he asked the suspect to turn around and put his hands behind his back, but the lack of cooperation continued so he handcuffed the suspect and explained he was under arrest for shoplifting. When the suspect still refused to walk into the store, the officer says a store official “assisted me in carrying” the suspect to an inside office where a second 18-year-old shoplifting suspect from Thomasville was already waiting. Both teenagers were charged with shoplifting headphones and speakers. They were taken to the Cairo Police Department for processing and then to Grady Detention Center where officers discovered the uncooperative suspect had an outstanding warrant for probation violation.
Each of the shoplifting charges is a misdemeanor.

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