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Over $500,000 taken out of landfill restricted account to be replaced

With less than two years of estimated life for the Cairo landfill, the Cairo City Council is looking to replace over $500,000 it used from the landfill restricted account to shore up city finances during cash crunches over the last several years.
During a review of the May 2017 financial report Monday, Finance Committee Chairman and City Councilman James H. (Jimmy) Douglas commented on the $581,014.62 that is due from the CNS Cable fund to the landfill restricted account.
Douglas said that when the city receives its proceeds for the sale of its CNS assets to the South Georgia Governmental Services Authority the money must be paid back to the landfill fund, which is reserved to pay the costs of closing the landfill and the post-closure costs.
“That may cut into the money for the new police department (headquarters),” Douglas commented.
The sale of the city’s assets was completed in May.

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