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Suspected drinker kept lawmen on the go Saturday

A Grady County man kept sheriff’s deputies busy Saturday when three different calls involving the 33-year-old resulted in his arrest in two separate encounters within a four-hour period. Alcohol reportedly played a role in the man’s foul behavior, and ultimately misdemeanor charges lodged against him of disorderly conduct and criminal trespass.
His first run-in with the law happened about 10 minutes after 1 o’clock Saturday afternoon when the man’s mother called 911. The adult son had been drinking alcohol and using his mother’s cell phone to access social media when he dropped the phone in water, which caused the phone to stop working correctly, the mother told deputies. Angered by the broken phone, the son punched a bedroom cabinet causing items to fall and rendering the cabinet incapable of closing properly. Next, the son pulled drawers out of the refrigerator, knocked over items in the kitchen and threw a bottle of sauce against the side of the house.
Police took the man to Grady Detention Center and booked him on a charge of disorderly conduct.
Shortly before 5 p.m., deputies were called back to the mother’s house on McClellan Road where the man had knocked out a window while cursing at his mother. Grady County Sheriff’s Deputy Clay Murphy reports finding the offender sitting in a chair on the front porch, his hands and wrist bloodied. The deputy requested EMS be dispatched to the scene, which included blood on the exterior wall next to the broken window and a trail of blood leading from the broken window to the son on the front porch.
Seeing two, large unopened cans of Colt 45 beer laying on the porch near the bleeding man, the deputy poured out the cold beer and put the empty cans in the trash.
The deputy reports that the son, who spoke with slurred speech, became agitated as they waited for an ambulance to arrive at the scene. Claiming he was going inside to wash his hands, the man was told to stay seated and Deputy Murphy states he drew his tazer. Murphy, who was assisted by Grady County Sheriff’s Sgt. Donald Thomas, reports that the man was told they would not handcuff him until EMS had treated his wounds. Still, the man tried to stand up but was pepper sprayed by Sgt. Thomas.
After EMS arrived and emergency medical personnel treated and bandaged the man’s hands, the sheriff’s deputies told him to walk to Murphy’s patrol car. When the man refused to get up, Murphy and Thomas picked up the man by his armpits and walked him to the patrol car. Due to his injuries, the deputies did not handcuff the suspect who was taken to Grady Detention Center for the second time that day. This time he was charged with one count of criminal trespass.
About an hour later, at 6:31 p.m., a man reported that the suspect’s mother had told him her son had broken into his home on Ridge Road and stolen some alcoholic beverages. Once at the scene, the man said a bottle of Canadian Club that had been nearly full was now almost empty. The man asked deputies to issue a Criminal Trespass Notice against the man, barring him from the victim’s property. Cpl T.S. Poitevint had the offender sign the notice while he was being held at Grady Detention Center.

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