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Medical personnel focused on Men’s Health Week

The week leading up to Father’s Day, this week, is recognized nationally as “Men’s Health Week.”
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the leading causes of death in men are heart disease, cancer, diabetes and suicide. Unfortunately, most of these go undetected until they become fatal, often because men avoid regular screenings for these diseases.
Cairo Internal Medicine physician Jason NeSmith, MD, recommends men take steps now to implement a healthy lifestyle and help prevent future health problems.
“Physical activity is tremendously important to living a healthy life,” said Dr. NeSmith. “Exercise will help keep your muscles and joints working properly as you age. Also, working out has been proven to be an excellent stress reliever.”
Dr. NeSmith also stresses the importance of a balanced diet.
“Nutrition plays a key role is staying healthy,” said Dr. NeSmith. “Eating the correct foods will help you keep your cholesterol down and keep your blood pressure within a safe range.”
“Also, make sure you are giving yourself enough rest,” said Dr. NeSmith. “Sleep deprivation can put you at risk for many health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke.”
He recommends adults get roughly seven hours of sleep every night to function properly.
Lastly, Dr. NeSmith believes men should find the primary care physician that is right for them.
“You should be completely comfortable with your doctor,” says Dr. NeSmith. “If you are relaxed around your doctor, you will be able to communicate with him or her much more effectively, and you can work together to solve any issue you may have.”
Throughout National Men’s Health Week, Archbold will share health tips for men on the health system’s Facebook page.

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