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Commissioners want policies ignored by Tobar since 2013 to be followed

After ignoring the county’s financial policies since being hired in 2013, Grady County Administrator Carlos Tobar was instructed by the county commission this week to begin following them.
Tobar sought to have the policies revised to match the way he has solicited and received bids for goods and services since he was hired here.
The county’s existing policies adopted in Dec. 2008 require bids to be opened by the board in a public meeting. After the opening of bids, the bids may be referred to the department head for analysis and recommendation for the bid award.
Tobar has been opening bids outside of commission meetings and bringing forward a recommendation to the board.
The administrator admitted that he “did not realize” that was the board’s policy until now.
Vice Chairman Ray Prince also questioned Tobar on his extensive use of verbal approvals. The county policies also dictate that emergency purchases can be made only when there is a “threat to life or property, or an unforeseen situation that curtails or greatly diminished an essential service.”
“Two things I don’t like is calling you for verbal approval and I don’t like bringing up an issue on the day of a meeting,” Tobar said.
Commissioner Keith Moye said his preference was to stick to the existing policies rather than revising them. Vice Chairman Prince said that made sense and commented, “it’s the way it’s supposed to be. We should go by the rules.”
“If we’ve been doing something wrong, just start doing it right,” Commissioner T.D. David said.
In related business Tuesday night, the board was requested by Tobar to take action to ratify previous action he said was taken last December but not recorded in the meeting minutes.
Tobar requested the board vote on amending the contract with Gaines & Sons for the restriping of county roads not to exceed $189,128.30. In addition, Tobar sought an official vote on a $33,700 expenditure from Environmental Services Inc. for work related to the proposed GA Hwy. 188 roundabout project.
Vice Chairman Prince asked Tobar if the restriping project should have been rebid once the project was expanded.
“That’s a question for the future,” Tobar responded.
“No, I think we need an answer so we will know for the next time,” Prince said.
County Attorney Kevin S Cauley said that when the additional mileage was added it became an additional project and should have been bid out with the larger parameters and this was not done.
The board voted to officially approve the contract amendment with the striping company and approve the expenses related to the roundabout project.

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