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Pine Park man wants county to move dumpsters

A county dumpsite that is one of the most abused and untidy may soon be shut down and moved.
Grady County Commission Chairman Elwyn Childs delivered a warning from a Pine Park property owner who said he wanted the dumpster moved within 60 days or he would see the commissioners in court.
Grady County Road Superintendent Stanley Elkins admitted that the Pine Park dump site is “one of the worst places” the county operates. Elkins says no sooner have his crews cleaned up the site than people have it messed up again.
However, Elkins said it was his understanding that the dumpsters are all located on the county’s right-of-way.
If that is the case, the consensus of the board Tuesday was to leave the dumpsters where they are located. Anything not on county right-of-way should be moved, board members said this week.
“I’ve delivered the message,” Chairman Childs said.
County officials will determine if the dumpsite is located on the county right-of-way and if not the dumpsters will be relocated.

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