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Kids Against Hunger seeks donations to help pay freight charges

Kids Against Hunger in Cairo is sending pallets of food to aid Syrian refugees camped in nations that border their war-torn homeland. Melvin Horne is with the local charitable group and says donations to help defray freight charges would be helpful.
Horne says he had already loaded 15 pallets of food Tuesday on a truck bound for Omaha, Neb., location of Freedom Foods, parent company of Kids Against Hunger.
Freedom Foods is partnering with Friend Ships Unlimited to have the food delivered to the Middle East. Horne says the food will help feed the millions of people, primarily women and children, forced to live as refugees due to the civil war in Syria.
Friend Ships is supporting organizations already set up to care for the refugees by collecting and transporting hundreds of tons of food, blankets, clothing and medical supplies aboard their ship Courageous.
Those who would like to help Kids Against Hunger may visit the website or call 224-0074 or 377-0968.

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