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County to advertise for hunters interested in trapping feral hogs

Grady County will soon begin advertising to determine interest of local and area hog hunters in trapping feral hogs on the Tired Creek Lake property.
Grady County Commission Chairman Elwyn Childs said this week he had been contacted about the possibility of allowing the trapping of wild hogs to take place on the county’s property north of Cairo.
Vice Chairman Ray Prince said if the county only opened the trapping to one hunter it could “open a can of worms.”
County Attorney Kevin S. Cauley suggested advertising for hunters to submit their names to Grady County Lake Authority Executive Director Mike Binion, who could then determine the level of interest and make a recommendation back to the board for its approval.
“If you only get two or three Mike could coordinate it, but if you get 20 or so you could do something else like a lottery or something. If you only get one then that makes it easy,” Cauley said.
Former county commissioner Charles Norton, who was present at Tuesday’s commission meeting, told commissioners that if a hog is trapped then it must be killed on site according to state law. He also said that the trapping would need to be restricted to the north side and west side of the lake to prevent hunters from going back and forth over the dam to access the property on the east and south side.
Chairman Childs recommended that Binion begin advertising as soon as possible so that the trapping could also begin ASAP.

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