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Commissioner David encouraged to drop review of Animal Control policies

Grady County Commissioner T.D. David is bowing to the will of the majority and is calling a halt to his efforts to review the policies and procedures of the county’s animal control department in hopes of reducing the number of animals put down each year by the county.
David has been reviewing the existing polices and procedures, which he says have not been revised in 18 years, in addition to meeting with other area agencies.
Although Commissioner David has made no secret of his work and was authorized by the board to look into ways to reduce the number of animals euthanized here, commissioners took issue with him Tuesday.
Chairman Elwyn Childs described the animal control department as one of the “best run departments we have.”
“I don’t know where this is coming from,” Childs added.
Vice Chairman Ray Prince concurred and said animal control is one of the “smoothest” run departments of county government.
Commissioner LaFaye Copeland asked David how Animal Control Director Shawn Mobley felt about David’s efforts.
“Overall he disagrees with what I’m doing,” David said. Commissioner David said Mobley says it is an animal control center and not an animal rescue center, but a necessary tool of the county.
“I would have to agree with that,” Vice Chairman Prince said.
“The people that have come to me and asked me to look into this totally disagree and others in surrounding counties do things differently. So it can be done,” David said.
It was the consensus of the board to not pursue any changes to the operations of the animal control department.
Commissioner David acknowledged it was the prerogative of the board to make that decision and he would offer to help in the effort to save animals as a private citizen.
David sent an email to commissioners and private citizens who had contacted him about working to save the lives of animals on Tuesday.
In his email David wrote, “Today, one by one, each expressed their disdain for my involvement in the project. Collectively, I took their opinion to be the old adage, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ They see the commission’s role is to provide an animal control facility; it’s hoped that those outside of government can provide animal rescue centers. The consensus to end my involvement as a representative of the board was by a vote of 4 to 1, with mine being the one. Certainly I’m disappointed in my colleagues’ decisions, but as we’ve confessed to each other on many other voting occasions, that’s why we have 5 commissioners, not just one. I respect the will of the majority and I always will.”

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