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Prince to replace Norton on Lake Authority

Grady County Commissioner Ray Prince will replace retiring commission chairman Charles Norton as the commission’s appointee to the Grady County Lake Authority.
Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday night to appoint Prince to the authority.
The decision was not made until after lengthy discussion as to whom to appoint.
Commissioner LaFaye Copeland brought up the subject and expressed her opinion that Vice Chairman Elwyn Childs be considered.
“I have talked with Mr. Childs and I know he is interested,” Copeland said.
She noted that Childs had been involved with the lake project when the land for the lake was originally acquired. “He has played a big role in this,” she said.
However, Copeland also acknowledged that Commissioner Prince was also interested in serving.
Commissioner T.D. David suggested the board postpone a decision until a meeting with members of the authority could be held to discuss the appointment.
David said it was the board’s decision, but he suggested it would be beneficial to hear the thoughts of the authority members.
Chairman Norton said that he had not been asked his opinion, but he voiced his support for Prince.
“I’ve got a lot of respect for both of them,” Norton said, but he added that Prince would be able to “put footprints” on the project more so than Childs.
“Charlie has invited Ray to come to authority meetings and he has done that faithfully. He probably has a better understanding of it than the five of us,” David said.
“I don’t agree. I think they both would be good. I know Mr. Childs may not can do all the leg work, but that’s what you’ve got a lake manager for and the other authority members,” Copeland said. She added that she would be ok with appointing Prince if Childs indicated he would be happy with that appointment.
Chairman Norton said that whoever is appointed they would need to be someone who would be firm and make it clear to the authority that all expenses for the lake are coming out of the county’s cash reserves and that could not continue.
“We still have too many unknowns out there,” Norton said.
“Do the members of the authority understand how serious it is?” Copeland asked.
“I really don’t know. I can’t say,” Norton responded. He said he had made his opinion known to the authority at its last meeting.
Commissioner Prince said “we’ve got to get something started” and said that whoever the authority decides to contract with about future development that it would be a minimum of two years before any development could take place.
The lake authority has been interviewing prospective consultants concerning the future development of the property around the lake. Representatives of The Croy Group and Pond and Company have been interviewed and others are in the process of being scheduled for interviews.
Finally, Childs offered a motion to appoint Prince and his motion was seconded by David.
“I appreciate your vote of confidence. I am honored to serve,” Prince said.

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