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Cox pushes for city to adopt a new comp time policy

A proposed, new compensatory time policy devised by the City of Cairo administrative staff last year was brought back to the Cairo City Council for consideration by Councilman Jerry Cox Monday night.
“This is the same thing the council this time last year voted down,” Cox said.
He admitted the former comp time policy was not “well managed or well written” but he voiced his opposition to discontinuing comp time altogether.
“I’ve managed large plants and crews and a well written, monitored and enforced plan can save on cash flow,” Councilman Cox said.
The District 5 councilman also said that he had been contacted by city personnel requesting the council revisit the policy.
“I think we need a comp time program, and I think it is something the employees want,” Cox said.
Rather than rush to vote on the proposed policy, Councilman Ernest Cloud suggested tabling the matter to give the councilmen time to analyze the policy and vote in January. Councilman Lannis Thornton was also absent Monday night.
Cox said he had no issue with delaying a vote and agreed additional time to consider it would be a wise move.
Councilman James H. (Jimmy) Douglas, who chairs the council’s finance committee, said the policy “kicks the problem down the road” and he pointed out that neither the City of Thomasville nor the City of Camilla have comp time plans. Douglas said that the City of Moultrie does, but caps it at 24 hours.
Douglas said he preferred to “pay as you go.”
The proposed policy before the council caps comp time at 80 hours for regular employees and 160 hours for fire and police.

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