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Work resumes on two-story building at Southside

Work on a new, two-story administrative building on the campus of Southside Elementary School is back underway after a few weeks delay.
Construction crews were pulled off that portion of the project until officials could determine what to do after wet soils were found underneath approximately half of the building site.
After conducting additional soil borings and analysis, the consensus of engineers and consulting engineers is to excavate approximately two feet down and fill with stone to provide a stable base for the foundation of the structure.
Earlier this month CGM Construction Group, the project general contractor out of Colquitt, presented a change order totaling $143,270.78 to cover the cost of making corrections for the bad soils.
School board members balked at some of the costs and school system architect Raymond Finger met with CGM officials to discuss the board’s concerns.
The result of the meeting was a new change order for $133,796.15, which Grady County School Superintendent Dr. Kermit Gilliard said the school board members have verbally approved and will ratify at the board’s next meeting on Monday, Oct. 10 at noon.
“We are pleased that work has resumed,” Dr. Gilliard said this week.
CGM officials anticipate completing the building by next July.
The school superintendent also reported that work on building “C”, which is the new Southside media center, is progressing nicely and final touches to the renovated Southside auditorium are being done.
Dr. Gilliard said that construction of the Cairo High School College and Career Academy is on schedule.

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