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Draft of county audit is received

Grady County administrator Carlos Tobar said this week he has received a draft of the county’s 2015 audited financial statements, but that he has not completed his review of the document.
According to Tobar, the draft was received on Friday, July 22. He said he had identified some “errors” in the draft document that must be corrected by auditor Tom Carmichael of Carr Riggs and Ingram.
The county’s 2015 audit was due by June 30, 2016, but the auditor requested and received an extension from the Georgia Department of Revenue.
Tobar is also reviewing the numbers in the audit. “What the auditors report is different from what we report in ad valorem tax revenue to the Department of Community Affairs,” the county administrator said.
Tobar said he hopes to have completed the management letter and have Carmichael here for the Aug. 16 meeting to discuss the draft of the audit with commissioners before getting the board’s approval and submitting the audit to the state.

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