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Tobar receives another “fair to good” evaluation from commissioners

Grady County Commissioners met behind closed doors last week to evaluate the job performance of county administrator Carlos Tobar and the results are basically the same as two previous evaluations.
Findings of the evaluation are incomplete because one commissioner never submitted a completed evaluation form to the commission chairman or county clerk as requested.
Grady County Commission Chairman Charles Norton said this week he will call for another evaluation sometime within the next few weeks.
“It is not fair to him (Tobar), or us, to do an evaluation and all members of the board not participate. It’s not anything that has to be done today or tomorrow, but in a couple of weeks I will ask that we do another one,” Norton said.
Chairman Norton said he was not aware until this week that the summary of the commissioners’ evaluation of Tobar was completed with only four of the five evaluation forms being submitted.
The four commissioners who evaluated Tobar on average rated the administrator’s performance between fair and good. Prior to last Tuesday night’s closed door session, the individual commissioners scored Tobar based on an evaluation instrument provided by the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia, according to Norton.
County Clerk Carrie Croy, who serves as the county’s human resources director, tabulated the scores, which were on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being excellent and 5 being poor.
The overall average this year was 2.25, which is a slight improvement from 2.6 last year.
The fair to good rating is exactly how commissioners have rated Tobar since he was hired in 2013. There was no formal evaluation done in 2014, but county officials say a verbal evaluation took place that year.
“There is always room for improvement. The biggest complaint the board has with him is to slow down and don’t go wide open all the time,” the commission chairman said.
Norton said based on the evaluation the board was critical of Tobar moving forward on too many issues and projects before completing others in process.
An examination of the four evaluation forms submitted to the clerk indicate two of the commissioners have a higher opinion of Tobar’s performance than did the other two.
Two of the commissioners gave the administrator high marks in all categories including job knowledge, leadership, objectives, management, staffing, finances, communication, team work and responsiveness.
There are no names on the evaluation forms to identify the individual commissioners so, for the purpose of explanation The Messenger will identify them by numbers 1-4.
Commissioners 1 and 2 were most satisfied with Tobar based on their excellent and good ratings in all areas. However, Commissioner 1 wrote in the comments section, “Needs to slow down on a lot of decisions. He is learning that he is in south Georgia. Doing a good job.”
Commissioner 3 rated Tobar less than fair in all categories and rated him poor in leadership. The highest ratings Commissioner 3 gave Tobar was a fair rating in communication and in teamwork. Commissioner 3 rated Tobar poor in leadership. Commissioner 3 also wrote in the comment section, “Slow down.”
Commissioner 4 had a slightly better opinion of Tobar’s job performance rating him from fair to good in all categories.
As of Tuesday afternoon of this week, the fifth commissioner had not submitted his/her evaluation form to the county clerk.
Tobar began work here June 3, 2013. He was fired from his three most recent jobs and evaluations from government jobs he held in Jacksonville, Fla., and Tampa, Fla., cited weaknesses in decision making, judgment, poor communication and organization. He was also rated low in starting projects and not finishing them.
Less than stellar performance evaluations have not kept Tobar from making more money. In 2014, the board voted in secret to give the administrator a 15 percent raise. After the illegal action was made public by The Messenger last year the board voted in public to approve the pay hike.

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