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Archbold expands therapy options here and in Thomasville

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Archbold Memorial Hospital and Archbold Health Services recently partnered with Thomasville Physical Therapy (TPT) to provide rehabilitation services offered by Archbold, aiming to increase staffing availability and develop a more comprehensive and coordinated rehabilitation program across the patient care continuum.
On April 3, TPT also began providing acute inpatient occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech pathology services at Archbold Memorial Hospital and for the Inpatient Rehab Unit at Archbold.
On May 1, TPT officially began providing physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech pathology services on behalf of Archbold Home Health Services and Archbold’s Visiting Nurses Association of Southwest Georgia. The total range of home health services will continue to be managed and coordinated through Archbold Health Services with TPT providing, physical, occupational and speech therapy.
“I’m pleased to further our therapy continuum of care,” said Amy Griffin, Archbold vice president of patient care. “In many cases, patients are now able to transition home from the hospital and easily continue their physical, occupational and speech therapy with the same organization and care team that treated them in the hospital.”  
“We are very excited to join with the team at Thomasville Physical Therapy; Earl Folsom has developed a great group of therapists,” said Clay Campbell, president of Archbold Health Services. “We look forward to working with them and further improving the opportunities for the care of our patients.”
This summer, TPT will begin staffing Archbold Outpatient Rehab in Thomasville, using both the existing Archbold facility on Hansell Street and the TPT location on Jackson Street.
Also this summer, Cairo Physical Therapy will begin utilizing their outpatient facility as the location for Archbold’s Grady General Hospital outpatients, as well as managing inpatient speech rehabilitation in addition to the staffing and management CPT already provides for outpatient and inpatient therapy services at Grady General, including physical therapy and occupational therapy.
For the past year, TPT has also provided therapy services at Brooks County Hospital, Mitchell County Hospital and Grady General Hospital, as well as all Archbold long-term care facilities.
“We’ve had a great relationship with Archbold for years providing therapy services at the hospital’s locations in Quitman, Camilla and Cairo,” said Thomasville Physical Therapy’s Earl Folsom, PT, DPT. “TPT shares in Archbold’s commitment to provide patients in south Georgia and north Florida access to the highest quality healthcare available. Archbold and TPT are focused on ensuring our  patients have great outcomes, and we’re confident this new model for providing therapy services will prove convenient and beneficial for our patients.”  

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