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Commissioners committed to maintaining Archway Partnership

Grady County commissioners unanimously approved funding the Archway Partnership between the community and the University of Georgia at their regular board meeting Tuesday night.
The county’s portion of the local funding is $10,000.
The City of Cairo and the Grady County Board of Education previously approved their renewal of the Archway memorandum of understanding and on Tuesday the Grady County Joint Development Authority also voted to renew.
That leaves only the City of Whigham, the last local government entity, left to approve the contract.
The remainder of funding for Archway is expected to come from previous funding partners including the Cairo-Grady County Chamber of Commerce, Archbold Medical Center, Koyo Bearings, South Georgia Regional Technical College, Thomas University, and Bainbridge State College.
Commissioners voiced their support for the Archway Partnership Tuesday night.
Commissioner T.D. David said that the “mindset” of local leaders had changed in the three years that Archway has been here. He said it had resulted in more “out-of-the-box thinking” and that Archway Professional Betsy McGriff was the catalyst for it.
Commissioner Elwyn Childs also pushed back on any talk of “graduating” from the program. “I don’t think we need to put a time limit on you or Archway if we are expanding and growing as we have the last several years,” Childs told McGriff.
The Archway Professional said it was ultimately up to the community to decide when to “graduate” from Archway. “We will continue to be here to serve until the community says we are done,” McGriff said.

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