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Local voters favored Trump and Clinton in Tuesday’s primary

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were the top favorites of republican and democratic voters in Tuesday’s presidential primary in Grady County and statewide.
According to Election Superintendent Denise Maddox, Trump received 1,422 votes. In second place was Ted Cruz with 805 votes and Marco Rubio garnered 555 votes. Ben Carson came in fourth with 258 votes and John Kasich had 108 votes.
A total of 3,199 republican ballots were cast here.
On the democratic ballot, Hillary Clinton received 887 votes compared to 261 for Bernie Sanders, 12 for Martin O’Malley and 8 for Michael Steinberg.
A total of 1,168 democratic ballots were cast in Grady.
Overall, voter turnout was 39.93 percent, according to superintendent Maddox.
Early voting wrapped up Friday with 944 ballots being cast and 55 mail-in absentees being received.
According to unofficial returns, 3,368 voters went to the county’s 13 polling places Tuesday to cast ballots.
“Everything went really well. Today was a much busier day than I anticipated,” Maddox said Tuesday night.
Tuesday’s election was the first of the busy 2016 election cycle and Maddox thanked her poll managers and poll workers for a job well done.
The election superintendent said that there were less than 10 provisional ballots cast and that they would be counted at 10 a.m. on Friday, March 4.

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