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Board balks at Norton’s marriage resolution

Grady County Commission Chairman Charles Norton failed Tuesday in his attempt to have a resolution adopted at the behest of The Liberty Counsel stipulating marriage is a bond between one man and one woman.
Commissioners Ray Prince and T.D. David questioned why the county commission should get involved in the controversial issue.
“We don’t need to get into areas we don’t need to be in,” Commissioner David said.
“It’s the law of the land like it or not. I think you would be opening a can of worms and beating a dead horse at the same time,” Commissioner Prince said.
“This is a deal we don’t want to get into,” Prince added.
Chairman Norton said it would be in support of Probate Judge Denise Maddox who has ceased conducting marriage ceremonies since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that same sex marriages are constitutional.
“I’ll tell y’all something. When I have to put this job ahead of my religion I’m going to walk off,” Chairman Norton said. He said if same sex marriages are permissible then he has been reading the wrong Bible.
The board voted 3-2 against adopting the resolution with Commissioner LaFaye Copeland joining David and Prince in opposition and Vice Chairman Elwyn Childs voting with Norton in favor of the resolution.

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