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School System is “Accredited with Quality” by the state

The Grady County School System has been “Accredited with Quality” by the Georgia Accrediting Commission for the next five years, School Superintendent Dr. Kermit Gilliard reported to the Board of Education Tuesday night.
Georgia Accrediting Commission representative W.T. Henry, who most recently represented the Second Congressional District on the Georgia State Board of Education was in Grady County Jan. 25 and 26 for the accreditation review.
This is a reaccreditation, according to Dr. Gilliard.
“I was so impressed with your total school environment and it is obvious there is wonderful and effective leadership in this school system,” Henry wrote in his report to Dr. Gilliard.
It is obvious that Grady County Schools are fortunate to have such wonderful leadership from the upper-level administrators as well as school administrators. I have never seen a more dedicated staff of teachers for grades K-12,” Henry wrote.
The county school superintendent also shared comments Henry made regarding each of the county’s seven schools.
“This was such an impressive high school environment and one that has been most progressive in the academic area. They also have one of the finest music programs in the state,” Henry wrote.
Regarding Eastside Elementary School Henry wrote, “Very well organized K-5 school. Impressive staff that is passionate about their school.”
Henry had high marks for Northside, writing “Very nice K-5 environment for learning supported by a most qualified staff. They have great parent support that certainly enhances the school climate.”
The Accrediting Commission inspector was equally pleased with Southside, writing, “This is another very impressive K-5 school with a very dedicated staff. In grades second through fifth they promote STEM curriculum for their students and are pleased with results.”
Henry described the Shiver elementary faculty as “strong” and noted that for an older facility it was “well maintained.” He also wrote of the Shiver faculty, “Great staff of teachers who display a strong passion for their responsibilities.”
Henry described the environment at Washington Middle School as “very progressive” and he applauded the Pre-AP team that is open not only to WMS students, but also to students countywide.
Henry was very complimentary of the vocational agriculture offerings at Whigham and he noted, “I observed such a happy climate with smiling faces. The school has great community support.”
“I appreciate the work our teachers and administrators do every day. I’m particularly thankful for the work done in preparation for this accreditation review,” Dr. Gilliard told school board members Tuesday night
Board chairman Laura Register also voiced appreciation for the local educators and described the reaccreditation as “wonderful news.”

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