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Don’t forget! Sapp Creek bridge to be closed next Tuesday

Grady County Administrator Carlos Tobar said this week that everything remains on go for the Tuesday closing of the bridge over Sapp Creek on State Route 112 North.
Previously, Southern Concrete Construction had announced it would close the bridge on Jan. 19, but that date was changed last week to Jan. 26.
According to Graylin Duncan of Southern Concrete, the delay was necessary due to the scheduling of the casting of the beams for the bridge. The beams are not expected to be available until the end of February.
Duncan told local officials that shifting the closing date will reduce the amount of time the road will be closed to the public.
The existing bridge was built in 1950 and does not meet current design standards and the impoundment of water for the Tired Creek Lake necessitates that the level of the bridge be raised.
According to state officials, the contract for the Department of Transportation project is $2.7 million and the contract will be allowed to keep the road closed for 180 calendar days.
The state approved detour route during construction is State Route 93 from Cairo to Pelham, then west along State Route 65 to State Route 112. State DOT officials say this will add five miles to the normal travel distance for through traffic on State Route 112.

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