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Bandits cut their way into Dollar General

Employees arriving to open a Cairo Dollar General store for business on New Year’s Eve, discovered burglars had cut their way into the building and the store’s safe. Cairo Police say surveillance video shows two suspects had pulled off the heist about seven hours earlier at 12:30 a.m. Both burglars were covered from head to toe to conceal their identities.
“They were familiar that the store had a surveillance system,” says Cairo Police investigator Wandell Asbell of the suspects’ all-over clothing.
Asbell says the duo first attempted to break into the store by cutting through the sheet metal siding at the back of the building, located at 2960 U.S. 84 in Cairo. They were able to cut through the siding and an interior sheet rock wall but then hit a second interior wall, this one of wood. Giving up on this entry point, the suspects moved to an exterior metal door on the east side of the building, Asbell explains.
It appears the perpetrators used a grinder to cut a hole through the bottom of the door large enough to crawl through, according to the police investigator.
Once inside store, they “went straight to the safe,” Asbell says. The two cut open the safe then got away with an undetermined amount of money. They exited through the cut side door and left the business.
Police found fresh tire marks on the east side of the building that appear to have been made by an all-terrain truck tire.
Asbell says the surveillance video shows the pair were at the store for one hour.
Although the store had an alarm system that had been set at closing only hours before the burglary, a malfunction of some kind prevented it from sounding during the 60 minutes the two were cutting into the building and then the safe, Asbell explains.
Anyone with information that may assist in the investigation is asked to call the Cairo Police at (229)378-3096.

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