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County’s top 25 taxpayers

The trusty postal carrier should have delivered your Grady County tax bill by now, according to Grady County Tax Commissioner Phyllis Gainous.
A total of 14,487 tax bills were mailed on Oct. 19, 2015, which represents 13,985 bills for real property and 502 bills for personal property.
The grand total of the 2015 tax bills is $13,666,570, of which $6,317,861 will go to the Grady County School System; $5,979,749 to the Grady County Commission; $1,310,590 to the city of Cairo; $37,999 to the city of Whigham; and $20,371 to the state of Georgia.
The 2015 ad valorem taxes are due without interest and penalty on Dec. 20, 2015.
Taxpayers are not waiting until the due date to pay, in fact, Mrs. Gainous reports as of Monday $186,008 has already been collected.
Grady County’s list of top 25 taxpayers is relatively unchanged from last year, but the top 25 will be paying only $1,524,938.65 this year compared to $1,534,843.18 last year.
The appraised value of the top 25 taxpayers grew from $165,876,145 in 2014 to $171,512,054 in 2015. A similar increase in the assessed value is shown with the total assessed value for the top 25 growing from $66,350,462 in 2014 to $68,604,817 in 2015.
If you have not received your 2015 tax bill or have a question about ad valorem taxes, contact the tax commissioner’s office at 229-377-3322

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