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Oz one act play at Cairo High School

The Cairo High School drama program presents to the public the one act play “OZ,” by Don Zolidis early next week.
In the play, main character Beth, portrayed by Michaelia Crawford, finds herself lost and reeling in the aftermath of a tragic car accident that claimed the life of her sister Jill, portrayed by student Kennedy Wilson. Beth suddenly finds herself transported into what appears to be “The Wizard of Oz” with a few unexpected changes. The yellow brick road has been sold to foreign investors, and every character she meets seems to be crazier than the last. On a quest to see the wizard to get her sister back, Beth instead finds understanding and acceptance for the things she cannot change.
The public performance will be at the Cairo High School auditorium on Monday, Oct. 26, at 7 p.m. Tickets for students will be $3 and $5 for adults. The winner of a $50 gas card raffle provided by Gator’s in Cairo will be announced during the play.
“Let’s support the arts!” says play director Ms. Brandi Adkins.  
Cast members include: Beth – Michaelia Crawford; Lion – Roman Reyes; Scarecrow – Jake Cassels; Tin Man – Lauryn Ransom; Witch – Morgan Canzanter; Glinda – Maddie Clark; The Guide/Jill – Kennedy Wilson; Aunt Carol – Ke’nyijah Wilcox; Uncle Jason – Roman Reyes; Oz – Brandon Mobley; Hair – Da’Yanah Smith; Wardrobe – Abby Hooks; Props – Tacameron Austin; Munchkin Mayor/Guard – Michael Bentley; Munchkin Helper/Sign Holder – Tangela Biggs; Quix – Lexi Glover; Quax – Tatum Williams; Glinda’s Helpers – Tangela Biggs, Ke’nyijah Wilcox, Dakota Collins; Citizens of Munchkin Land: Laura Lopez, Bailey Johnson, Ke’nyijah Wilcox, Mariah McDowell; Stage Hands – T’iajah McCullough and Tyijah Stafford; Assistant Directors/Lighting – Sarah Hendrixson and Juan Munoz; Set Designer/Artist – Angela Connell.

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