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July 4th fireworks to return to Grady County?

For the first time in eight years, fireworks to celebrate Independence Day may return to light up Grady County skies next summer, thanks to a partnership of private and public entities and the legwork of one man.
Michael Best said every year he hears people saying they wished they didn’t have to drive to Thomasville or Bainbridge to watch fireworks on the national holiday. “Rather than just keep wishing and talking about it, I started asking a few people if they were really that interested in it,” he said.
Best told Grady County Commissioners Tuesday night that when he and a few others talked to local businesses about it, they soon had $4,000 in commitments.
“All the people you keep here, that’s tax dollars spent here,” said Commissioner Ray Prince.
Best said if the private sector gave $4,000 towards the project and the city and county governments each gave $4,000, that should be enough to stage a fireworks show. He said city leaders had indicated their willingness to participate if the county agreed.
Grady County and the City of Cairo jointly funded the last local, public fireworks for July 4th in 2008. The next year, the governing bodies opted out of funding such a show, which would cost $5,000 each on July 4, or $3,750 each for July 3 or 5.
Best says information he has received so far indicates a show would now be approximately $12,000 total cost.
‘If we can do it for $12,000, to me that’s a good investment in Grady County,” commented Commissioner Elwyn Childs.
Commissioners were supportive of the joint effort. Commissioner Charles Norton said, “I think it’s a good thing. . .I think people need to realize where they get their citizenship and their freedom from. I think this country is in a situation right now that needs to be brought out loud and clear.”
Commissioners unanimously gave their approval to doing their part to support bringing fireworks back to Grady County for July 4, 2016.

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