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Water and sewer line to be laid beneath Tired Creek Lake

A major infrastructure project at Tired Creek Lake was approved by Grady County Commissioners Tuesday night.
In preparation for water and sewer service around the lake county commissioners are pushing forward with the installation of pipe for future water and sanitary sewer underneath the lake bed and crossing the lake from east to west.
Consulting engineer Stacy Watkins recommended the board accept the low bid of $199,495 from HD Supply Water Works of Tallahassee for the pipe and the low bid of $287,000 from Jim Boyd Construction of Albany for the installation of a portion of the pipe. County road department crews will be responsible for laying the majority of the pipe, according to county officials.
It is estimated it will take two to three weeks for the pipe to be delivered on site. Grady County Administrator Carlos Tobar said that Road Superintendent Stanley Elkins and his crew should be finished with the construction of the jetty at the site of the proposed marina within two weeks and will be able to move on to the water/sewer project.
The pipe will be in 50 foot sections and will be fused together and placed four feet below the lake bed.
County officials are hoping to complete the work during the dry months and prior to the traditional rainy season beginning in November.
Proceeds from the 2015 revenue bond issue will be used to finance the project.
This week commissioners also approved the recommendation of the Grady County Lake Authority to spend up to $16,000 to spray and kill undergrowth in a 100 foot swath from the shoreline of Tired Creek Lake into the lake bed.
Lake Authority Executive Director Mike Binion solicited bids and the low bid was from Red River Specialties of Americus. According to Binion, the chemical to be used will kill the undergrowth for up to two years.
Binion told commissioners that the spraying will take place at the end of August or first of September.
Tobar said he will prepare a budget revision to utilize money from the general fund in the 2015 budget to finance the cost of the spraying.
County commissioners on Tuesday also met behind closed doors with County Attorney Kevin S.Cauley to discuss pending litigation and right-of-way acquisition.
No action was taken as a result of the closed session.

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