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Childs urges commissioners to improve look of garbage sites

Grady County Commissioner Elwyn Childs says he wants to see the county do more to keep dumpsites clean.
“We’ve got a good county, a beautiful county…at times. At times we have an ugly county. We’ve got the trashiest people in the world, I guess,” Commissioner Childs said Tuesday.
The veteran county commissioner urged County Administrator Carlos Tobar to look into any grants that could be used to help improve the appearance of the county’s numerous dumpsites.
Childs said in the past the board had employed an officer to patrol the dumpsites and make cases against offenders, but the cases were never prosecuted.
“We’ve got a different magistrate now than we had back then. He will prosecute the cases. We need to work out something with our sheriff to have them patrolled and issue citations,” Commissioner Charles Norton said.
Norton said if the county can get into the wallets of offenders, the trashy behavior will cease.
The board took no action Tuesday and Tobar agreed to research the matter.

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